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Feeling combined

                                                        &Nbsp;           sense 0-12 months of education process of growth and development of child
Rough movementsFine motorLanguageInterpersonal relationships
One monthWhen prone head up 45 °Reflex catch in handHear the sound will turnNote someone's face
Two monthsWhen prone head up 45 °More than eyes can rotate 90 °Issue of meaningless soundsMake him smile
The three-monthWhen prone head up 90 °Hands can be moved in front of your hands will hold steady handA babbling sound, laughing voiceAutomatically smile
Four monthsAssisted to sit up can be fixedHolding objects into the mouthOccasionally imitate adults tonesNote the presence of other children
Five monthsTried pulling her little hand up his tie slightly hard, not backHands each hold small itemsWill scream in pleasure 
Six monthsCompletely turn over
Sitting with hands can hold 30 seconds
Line on the hand to play with a toy
Will play on your own toes
Start vowels Ah HeyA bottle on his own cookies and milk
Seven monthsBellies touching the ground-crawling up on the thighsSat hands will take a block and from the transfer of one handRight turn to sourcesWill try to get beyond toys
Eight monthsSitting firm
Knees crawling
Hand hold things like a rake from the transfer of one handYes Yes sound emitted
Note a familiar voice
The nine-monthHold things to maintain the station's position
Crawling back
To merge four finger the thumb clamp an index finger touching or pushing objectsWith hands or eyes look somethingSee strangers cry
Ten monthsHold edges move
Standing up when trying to
Clap your hands
Each block beats
Imitate adults eye gaze
To respond to a call my name
Will catch the spoon
The hat on the head
11 months10 seconds hand can get independent stationSomething into a small cup or containerWaving goodbye to know people's namesWith hand pointed out that where to go or what
12 monthsSeparate walk
Crouch could stand up
With the thumb and index finger tipMeaningful call MOM and dad
Head nods or not
Not drooling