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9 baby formula often make errors

  powdered formula is almost all babies must go through stages, but a lot of mothers in baby formula often came into errors, that baby (baby food) on milk powder nutrition (nutrition) absorption and not up to the expected standard. Next, small series as mother summarized nine formula often make a mistake, Mum (MOM food) were quick out of the erroneous zone.
1, everything is as fresh as possible, and so the baby (baby food) to drink fresh milk than in formula milk.
experts solutions errors: baby broken off breast Hou, some Mommy directly began to baby drink fresh milk, such actually on baby of health (health food) very adverse:
1. infant (children food) of gastrointestinal road, and kidney, system development is not mature, to baby drink fresh milk will produced many against, first, fresh milk in the of calcium p proportion not right, content high of p will effect calcium of absorption, and high content of casein protein, encountered gastric acid Hou easy condensation into block, also not easy was gastrointestinal road absorption.
2. fresh cow's milk, lactose mainly α-lactose, Bifidobacterium inhibits, and to promote the formation of Escherichia coli, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease in babies. Meanwhile, the minerals in milk can aggravate kidney burden, babies develop chronic symptoms such as dehydration, dry stool, lit.
3. milk fat is mainly in animal saturated fat, stimulates the baby's delicate intestinal, chronic recessive intestinal blood loss, anemia, fresh milk or lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids to brain development, and detrimental to the baby's brain development. Point out that if conditions permit formula had been drinking, as long as the selection formula for babies ages.
2, to buy expensive to buy baby formula milk powder, milk powder as the more expensive, the better.
expert solutions for error: If a close look at a variety of powdered milk formula ingredients table, could easily be found, in fact, from the standpoint of powdered milk formula, which nutrient is nothing more than those, the price of similar products should not differ a lot.
some milk powder manufacturers will use the consumer mentality of the Mummy, deliberately hyped the price, so Mommy who choose to keep their eyes open. Generally speaking, relatively more expensive imported milk powder, but does not mean that the quality will be better than similar domestic milk powder. Imported milk is expensive is because of the additional share sales, transportation, long distance open market costs and tariffs and domestic milk are according to national conditions and people's living standard and food prices, and continuation of the previous national unified price, so the price is relatively low.
3, when choosing a powder, the most important thing is to pay special attention to instructions on the ratio of nutrients.
expert solutions for error: need not be too concerned about the milk powder contains many nutrients. Formula on the market today, whether domestic or imported, as long as they are fed 1 baby, milk contains nutrients are generally close to breast milk.
, some brands of milk powder in the reinforcement of certain nutrients, but for babies, increased nutrients did not have any effect on them. Because, in addition to other than drinking milk, for more than 6 months babies also like to eat solid food, many of the nutrients in the food supplement can be replenished. Thus, parents at the time of purchase, not just for one or two nutritional ingredients and carefully selected, are more important for infants who are reliable manufacturers of formula milk.
Moreover, the milk powder from overseas are designed according to the physical characteristics of Westerners, localization of the formulation does not meet the. Although individual components of leading technology, it may not be suitable for infant health in China.
4, taste the Shannon formula the better, not only taste baby likes, and high nutritional content.
expert solution error: milk original fragrance, no special smell. Because Chinese food color, aroma, taste, therefore producers are consciously in the milk, Add vanilla, milk essence and other aromatic substances, their aroma when brewed into tea to enhance one's appetite. But aroma can only change the taste of milk does not increase milk nutrition. Therefore, the formula cannot be its only taste is aromatic.
5, buy it buy formula can dissolve quickly, which often shows high milk quality.
expert solutions for error: Instant milk powder, high indeed can save time, but this is only an external sensory index of milk, does not mean that milk has better nutrition, especially milk. Because the milk is milk powder, whey powder, butter powder, blend of trace elements, and many other raw materials, texture, size, proportion of virtually all raw materials, are the key factors that determine quality of milk powder.
6, baby growth and needs a lot of calcium, calcium content and the higher the concentration of formula milk for babies.
experts solutions errors: actually the manufacturers of formula milk raw materials milk itself of containing calcium volume difference and is unlikely to, but some manufacturers to looking for selling, in natural milk among added into has chemical calcium, human improve has products of containing calcium volume, but too much of chemical calcium and cannot was human by absorption using, instead will makes stool became hard, to discharge, over time also easy in human in the precipitation, even caused stone.
7, baby formula easily lose more sugar in the milk can relieve internal heat.
expert solutions for error: many parents think babies drink milk powder easily lose always add some sugar "relieve internal heat". Some even a spoonful of milk powder will be equipped with a spoonful of sugar, which is wrong. In accordance with the formula ingredients, drinking does not need extra sugar. If too much sugar can lead to irrational nutrition, resulting in high sugar baby, easily lead to obesity.
8, for babies up to 1, if you drink enough milk, nutrition is enough.
expert solution error: breast milk or milk powder for babies to provide most of the nutrients required for growth, but it still can't meet all nutritional requirements. If not add supplementary food, can cause nutrient deficiencies, such as anemia, zinc deficiency, etc. Therefore, must age for babies to add complementary. 4 months began egging; 5 months feeding purees; 6 months to feed the fish paste; 8 months feeding shredded tofu, animal blood and Liver paste. Add these complementary, able to meet the rapid growth of the body of the infant.
9, how to feed a baby rice cereal can substitute milk powder or other kinds of food, such as rice cereal mixed with powdered milk and eating, nutrition is more comprehensive.
expert solutions for error: rice cereal or other kinds of food, are unable to provide formula to provide nutrition for the baby. Because the main ingredient is cereal carbohydrate, fat and protein content of less than. If there is no formula supplements, infant nutrition to keep up.
in addition, the milk powder and rice cereal prepared and may also lead to incomplete protein absorption. Best dose indicated on the milk packaging prepared milk powder, milk powder increased too much, increased burden of gastrointestinal, kidney, is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients, milk powder brewing is too thin, then protein, affect a baby's growth and development. It is advisable, in strict accordance with the formula under the milk formula milk and method of brewing.