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Prevention of precocious children should eat less food

  with the improvement of living standards, many parents on their baby up is also more sophisticated. Experts caution that many of precocious puberty are eating out, so prevention of precocious children to eat less and six kinds of food.

winter-season fruit strawberries, watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, and spring ahead of the listing of PEAR, Apple, peach and orange and so on, almost always in the "ripening agent" only with the help of season or early maturity and, therefore, should be avoided for children.
fried foods
high heat in the child into excess fat in the body, causing endocrine disorder, leading to precocious puberty and cooking oil after use after repeated heating, high temperature causes the oxidative degeneration also caused "precocious" one of the reasons.

oral solution containing hormones oral nutrient solution, and after the child is taken at the age of five or six looks bigger and stronger than children of the same age. When children enter the normal developmental stages, but not long. Therefore, not blindly buy oral rehydration for children at the market.
/> supplements are now available on the colostrum the brand range have been touted to improve immunity in infants, many distressed child's mother bought for kids. In fact, Colostrum is just after the birth of Bull baby's first week of cow's milk, and high gonadotropin content, for infants and young children may be no problem, but to preteen kids, its body is more sensitive to long-term doses prone to early puberty. Improper
If your soup pot with animal entrails, which contain hormones such as thyroid, gonadal material, precipitated by meal intake the body, therefore, children drink the soup less animal offal.
/> poultry poultry are now being "ripening", in poultry meat "ripening agent" remains focused on poultry in the head and neck portion of the gland, so eating chicken, duck and goose neck for a long time, became a "precocious" high-risk behavior.