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Pregnancy affects fertility phones where

  where cell phones before pregnancy can affect fertility
with the development of wireless technology, more and more people use mobile phones and mobile phone-related health problems also have attracted more attention. How big is the mobile phone radiation on the human body, how to minimize the degree of hazard, cell phone users care most about.
when people use phones, hands the opportunity to launch the base station transmit radio waves and radio waves will be absorbed by the body more or less, these waves are cellphones. In General, smaller mobile phone radiation standby, call some radiation, cell phone number has been allocated but not yet switched on, radiation maximum radiation is about 3 times in standby. This radiation has the potential to change human tissue, causing adverse impact on human health.
cell phones don't play pillow
according to the China National interior decoration Association Zhao Yufeng the introduction of indoor environmental monitoring Committee, mobile phone radiation on the human head is harmful, it will cause malfunction of the human central nervous system, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess and symptoms such as hair loss, some facial irritation.
so that people answer the phone when it is best to distance further away from the body through the handset, and then into the ear phone. In addition, try not to use mobile phones to talk, also careful not to put the phone to sleep on the pillow.
mo Mobile chest
many girls like to hang the phone on his chest, but studies have shown that cell phone hanging in front of the chest, can affect the heart and endocrine system. Even in the smaller radiation standby, cell phone electromagnetic radiation around will also cause harm to the human body. Heart failure, arrhythmia, in particular, be careful not to hang the phone on his chest. Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation can also affect endocrine function, leading to female menstrual disorders. In addition, the electromagnetic radiation will affect normal cell metabolism, resulting in metal ions such as potassium, calcium and sodium disorders.
cell phone shielding devices, can reduce the harm of radiation on the human body, containing heavy metals such as aluminum, lead shielding equipment protective effect is good. But for aesthetic reasons, tend to choose small phone, the protective function of this phone may not be perfect, therefore, there are no small, protective function and strong before the cell phone, female friends, it's best not to hang the phone on the chest. Affect fertility

hung on the waist it is understood that often carry and use mobile phones of male sperm count can be reduced by as much as 30%. Medical experts point out that cell phone often next to the waist or abdomen of the body, which send and receive signals generated by electromagnetic wave radiation to the body of sperm or egg cells, this may affect the reproductive function of the users. United Kingdom laboratory report noted that mouse was 5 minutes of cell phone microwave radiation, there is DNA lesions in human sperm and egg cell phone microwave radiation for a long time, are likely to produce DNA lesions.
expert advised users to keep mobile phones away from the waist, abdomen, do not put your phone hung on the waist or in the coat pocket. Some men put the phone in his pants pocket, the biggest threat to sperm, because pants pocket next to the testis. When users are in the Office, at home or in the car when you'd better phone aside. Phones in a bag when to go out, this is far away from the body. Use the headset to answer phone can also reduce the effects of cell phone radiation.