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Expectant mothers need to know related to pregnancy vocabulary

  pregnancy, we face many words had never been exposed to in the past. From conception to delivery, every aspect, we are constantly exposed to new concepts. These pregnancy-related vocabulary, let us one by one to know about it. Vocabulary 1 ectopic pregnancy

normal circumstances, pregnant egg is in the body of the uterus on the inner membrane implantation, growth and development, and in places outside of the uterine cavity growth if it was ectopic pregnancy, commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy". Ectopic pregnancy is the most typical symptoms: menopause 6-8 weeks; pain; a small number of irregular vaginal bleeding. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy can lead to bleeding and endanger the patient's life, so pay enough attention. 2 breech

words normally, fetuses in the womb is "head down, ass up", but about to sputter the fetus is upside down, "head up ass down" image that is "sit in Mommy's tummy", which is breech. During the second trimester, breech presentation is more common, but if the late pregnancy had not become generally difficult natural rotation. If b Super show is "mixed breech", it takes about 2 weeks earlier than expected, hospitalization, cesarean section to terminate her pregnancy. 3
vocabulary of placenta previa
the placenta attachment in the body of the uterus wall, anterior or lateral wall, if it is attached to the lower segment of the uterus, or cover the internal orifice of cervix, even lower than the baby's presentation is "placenta previa". Placenta previa: the most important thing when you are in late pregnancy or birth, painless vaginal bleeding, repeated. If not handled properly, could endanger the mother and infant safety, be extra vigilant.
lexical 4 gestational diabetes
was first found to have diabetes during pregnancy, is the gestational diabetes. General pregnancy 24-28 week Shi, prenatal check of doctor will requirements pregnant women fasting to hospital, oral 50g grape powdered sugar, sit one hours Hou pumping vein blood, determination blood sugar value, if exception, on has patient pregnancy diabetes of may, must further do sugar resistance volume test (ogtt), that first fasting pumping blood once, again oral 100g grape powdered sugar, sit a hours, and two hours, and three hours respectively pumping blood, in four a results in the has 2 a or 2 a above exception, on can confirmed for gdm. Because gdm has an impact on mother and child, so patients need to strengthen pregnancy, intrapartum care, babies in the womb are also subject to a special "care".
Word 5 of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome
after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if you have elevated blood pressure, more than 140/90mmhg or than the underlying high blood pressure 30/ 15mmHg, oedema, urinary protein in urine test found, it can be diagnosed with pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. This is a relatively common pregnancy complications, according to the severity of the symptoms, also divided into mild, moderate and severe, if not handled properly, will develop preeclampsia and eclampsia, a serious threat to safety. Therefore, pregnant women have these symptoms, or feel dizzy, Vertigo, swelling, should immediately go to hospital for treatment, early diagnosis, timely treatment. 6 no agitation
vocabulary test
fetal non-stress test (NST) is by looking at contractions-free relationship between fetal movement with fetal heart rate changes, to understand fetal safety. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal, NST check doctor will ask pregnant women. It is the use of electronic fetal monitors fetal movements of fetal heart rate changes were observed, to understand the reserve capacity of the fetus. If NST has abnormal, the doctor will ask pregnant women to review it again, I still have a problem, need immediate hospital treatment. 7 great

vocabulary if the fetus weighs more than 4000g, is called fetal macrosomia. Macrosomia may occur because the mother had gestational diabetes, there may be the mother's nutrition during pregnancy causes such as excessive. Pregnant with macrosomia is not necessarily a good thing, because the fetus is large, will increase difficult chance. If the mother is pregnant with diabetes, delivery of macrosomia or Hypoglycemia occurs after birth, and so on. Vocabulary 8 Abruptio
/> 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth, normal position before the delivery of the placenta in fetal in whole or in part from the uterine wall, called Placental Abruption. This is a serious complication of pregnancy, acute, often sudden abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding may be associated with. If not, would endanger the maternal and fetal life, so pay attention.