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Expectant fathers before pregnancy the mother can't do what

  wants a healthy and clever baby, from now on, to develop detailed and meticulous planning, will be detrimental to lose all baby healthy habits, carefully avoided pregnant "mined" toward the established goals.
preserved food/> eating habits: containing nitrate, styrene-acrylic such as pyrene, and long-term consumption can lead to fetal malformations.
food: fresh natural food should be used as far as possible, avoid eating foods containing additives, colors, flavors, flavorings, preservatives in food.
edible cottonseed oil: black seed oil is a kind of crude cotton oil, contain a lot of gossypol. If Mommy diet before pregnancy can lead to endometriosis and endometrial glands gradually atrophy, uterus small endometrial blood circulation has fallen, is not conducive to nidation or causing infertility, even if implantation will also affect fetal growth of baby's development.
drinking: more alcohol will affect the quality of sperm and eggs, alcohol poisoning of the egg and sperm to form a Fetal malformation. Long-term heavy drinking can have sexual dysfunction if dad, will sperm 70% stunting or poor swimming ability, not conducive to the fetal baby's development.
coffee: drink more than 4 cups a day mother, my baby's preterm birth rate increased by 30%, the possibility of a miscarriage increases 20%. Coffee also suppresses sperm activity.
-smoking: nicotine is reducing the role of sex hormones and anti-sperm, it will affect the development of germ cells and embryos, resulting in fetal baby deformities.
bath temperature too high, take a sauna: you know what? Hot-water vaporization is producing something called chloroform, carcinogens, and steam is absorbed by the body, to plan your baby's health problems. In the shower, try not to use hot water with high temperature hot water and 34 degrees Celsius. In addition, sperm the suitable temperature of 35.5 ° c ~36 c, cooler than body temperature 1 ~1.5 ℃, temperature will affect testicular sperm quality, especially the sauna can cause dead sperm, not expectant fathers need to take note.
tights: wrap the hips tight, cause the vaginal discharge can not catch hair, suitable for the growth of bacteria reproduction, cause vaginitis. Expectant father wearing tight jeans oppression not only genital, affecting normal testicular development, but also because without ventilation and cooling is not conducive to the survival of sperm.
too much bike: too much riding bike, and motorcycle, and tricycle and riding easy oppression associate Dad of Yin SAC, may caused prostate and other attached gonad congestive or by chronic strained, caused chronic inflammation, effect birth
long-term long sat: not associate Mommy long-term long sat easy caused blood cycle not smooth, caused chronic pelvic cavity congestive , caused gynecological aspects of disease, even may led to infertility.
sex frequency: not only can decrease sperm quality affected pregnancy, and also formation of antibodies in the blood, forming pregnancy disorder. Emotion and energy
/> too much pressure: may cause the ovaries no longer secrete estrogen and Anovulation, menstrual disorders and even amenorrhoea, this case difficult pregnancy, even if the pregnancy for your baby's health.
fatigue: continuous night work, long distance travel, overwork, strenuous exercise, concentration and lasting mental condition should not be conceived.
emotions: anxiety, depression, or under a heavy burden, the best temporary contraceptive, because not only will affect the quality of the sperm or egg, may also be due to emotional stimulation and after conception affect pregnant Mommy hormones secretion, fetal nervous, restless, influenced his growth and development.
heated: furious mood stable enough, can cause infertility or pregnancy fetal baby after ill health.
pills: for both physiological and reproductive functions of a slur, diazepam, chlordiazepoxide, c microphone Kou Qin will be influenced by the pituitary secretion of sex hormones . If no father and taking too much can lead to impotence, spermatorrhea and libido; not the mother-to-be is menstrual disturbances or amenorrhea, thus affecting the ability of conception.
aphrodisiacs: Although "aphrodisiac" can improve men's sex lives, but it's probably a chromosome abnormality, and will affect the ability of sperm and sperm mutation.
long-term medication: some medicines such as hormones, antibiotics, antiemetic drugs, cancer drugs, psychiatric drugs have an adverse effect on germ cells, particularly on drug identification "pregnant women-serving-ban" medicine please pay attention to the words.

oral contraception: oral contraceptives for hormonal contraception, if you stop the pill during pregnancy or taking pregnant with baby, likely to cause fetal abnormalities, should be planned prior to pregnancy using male condoms for contraception.
external use contraceptive film: is a sperm-killing effects of the drug, but if used improperly, such as membrane is not deep into the vagina resulting in dissolution, or into membrane did not wait until after more than 10 minutes, which could result in part of the abundance of sperm, while the drug has adverse effect on the fertilized egg, early abortion.
intrauterine device: intrauterine devices as a foreign body in the uterus, which interfere with implantation of the fertilized eggs, to contraceptive purposes. But whatever the ring duration will have some damage on endometrial tissue and effects on fetal growth and development of babies is bad. After plans to remove intrauterine pregnancy, 2~3 normal menstruation after pregnancy, during the men's condoms for contraception.
feeding pets: dogs and cats can be carriers of toxoplasmosis, reproduction and growth within the bacteria enters the body through the mouth, fetal baby may be infected via the placenta after pregnancy, can result in miscarriage or fetal malformation. Birds can not only carry toxoplasmosis, may spread germs.
staying at home: new home decoration available after 3 months or half a year before, this was because of new and renovated housing contains a variety of harmful substances such as formaldehyde , benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, ammonia, and high humidity in the new housing, hazardous substance can be easily and lie prone in indoor dust particles, increases the rate of fetal baby.
home appliances, Office equipment: televisions, stereos, computers, microwave oven, induction cooker, copiers, cell phones produce electromagnetic radiation, on the development of fetal baby is extremely negative. Televisions, stereos, cell phones as long as you keep your distance, that will not be too large; microwave, induction cooker, copier try not.
smoke in the kitchen: kitchen smoke contains high concentration of toxic substances, and toxic and may cause cell mutations, the cause of infertility, so should always open the window, or minimize the use of time in the kitchen.
electric blankets, hair dryer: radiation of small household electrical appliances should not be ignored, the electromagnetic radiation produced by baby directly affects fetal growth, causing deformities.
motor vehicle emissions: emissions of nitric oxide, lead, most likely to damage sperm quality, if you work in the highway toll station or exposure to vehicle emissions should be noted.
makeup, hair dye, perms: some cosmetics contain harmful chemicals, such as lipstick, Nail Polish, and all kinds of hair dye, Perm, and Hairspray contain chemical substances harmful to fetal baby, best used sparingly before planning pregnancy.
ban on in-car air conditioner: car at rest in the open air, used to close doors and Windows, is very likely to cause engines emit carbon monoxide back in-car accidents, while too much inhalation inside air can be damaging to the body, you should try to open window ventilation.