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Top ten junk food affects children's health

  the so-called "junk food", which means "empty-calorie foods" (calories, but few other nutrients in foods). Children will often be attracted to snack on television advertising, while these snacks are mostly contain high sugar, colorings, flavors of sweets like. Children eat, blood sugar levels can rise quickly, affect appetite and meal intake, over time, the snack kids will become thin and pale, stomach ailments, a great impact on health, and children eat snacks and meals, it's easy to gain weight. Top ten
affecting the health of children "spam" a, fried food
/> 1. culprit for causing cardiovascular diseases (fried starch).
2. carcinogens.
3. destruction of vitamins, protein denaturation.
II, preserved food
1. result in a heavier burden of high blood pressure, kidney, nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
2. affect the mucous membrane system (harmful to the stomach).
3. ulcers and inflammation.
III, processed meat (meat, minced pork, sausages, etc)
1. contain one of three carcinogens: nitrite (no corrosion protection and color effects).
2. containing large amounts of preservatives (adds to the burden of liver).
four, biscuits foods (excluding low-temperature baking with whole wheat crackers)
1. too much food flavor and pigment (burden on the liver function).
2. serious destruction of vitamins.
3. too many calories and nutrients.
, soda, Cola food 1. containing phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, would take away a lot of calcium in the body.
2. the sugar content is too high, after drinking a sense of fullness, influence meal.
six, convenience foods (mainly instant noodles and snack)
1. excessive salt, preservatives, flavor (liver).
2. only calories without nutrients.
seven, canned foods (including meat and fish and fruit)
1. destruction of vitamins, protein denaturation.
2. too many calories and nutrients.
BA, plum preserves foods (dried fruit)
1. contain one of three carcinogens: nitrite.
2. excessive salt, preservatives, flavor (liver).
, grilled foods 1. containing a large number of c-c '-c (first of three carcinogens).
2. a leg of roast chicken is equal to 60 cigarettes of toxicity.
3. carbonation of protein denaturation (heavier burden on kidneys, liver).
10, frozen sweet category food (ice cream, popsicles and ice cream)
1. with lots of cream, can easily cause obesity.
2. too high in sugar affect dinner.
preschool children's diet nutrition
preschool children need enough protein in your diet, protein in food is mainly found in cereals, legumes, animal foods. Dairy occupies a special place in children's food, it is not only a good source of protein, calcium and Riboflavin content is higher, so, children should be given a day to eat a certain amount of dairy foods, preschoolers every day and a half pounds of milk or 1~2 two animal foods and beans, you can basically meet the needs of body protein in children. Vegetables and fruit is the main source of vitamin c in the diet, in the selection of vegetables, to choose some green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, rapeseed, amaranth, spinach. Average supply 4~6 vegetables per person per day is advisable.