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Advantages and disadvantages of natural childbirth and caesarean section

  survey, maternity caesarean section rate increased, some the caesarean section rate even higher than 50%, this ratio exceeded World Health Organization standards 15% and 20% set.
c-sections you choose natural childbirth?
: normal fetal development, normal pelvic development in pregnant women, pregnant women in good health, paroxysmal strong rhythm of contraction of the uterus fetal introduced in vitro, which is a spontaneous vaginal delivery. Spontaneous vaginal delivery is the most ideal way of delivery, because it is a normal physiological phenomenon, both the mother and the fetus without much damage, and mothers can be restored very quickly.
assisted vaginal birth: occur during natural childbirth inertia of uterus or labor drags on too long, add some speed up the delivery of medicines to increase uterine contractions, shortened the duration of labor. If the fetus is too large or uterine atony, maternal physical strength is not sufficient, use episiotomies, head of aspirator to help childbirth. Slightly harder than natural childbirth assisted vaginal delivery, but with a doctor's help will make mothers babies.
caesarean section delivery: If the small pelvis, abnormal placenta, DAO exceptions or broken water prematurely, fetal abnormality of pregnant women need birth caesarean section delivery should be taken as soon as possible, in order to ensure that both well. Caesarean section on mother's injury is big. Surgery is itself a trauma, postpartum recovery is far slower than a vaginal delivery, but also has surgical sequelae. Advantages are obvious

natural childbirth delivery is the fruition of the natural results of physiological reactions, including pain, as long as in the normal range, is useful and reasonable, not to mention the advantage of choosing natural childbirth is obvious.
1. during the process of delivery, uterine contraction and relaxation on a regular basis, the rhythmic contraction of the chest of a fetus, this process can exercise the baby's heart and lung functions, promoting baby-lung function of perfect maturity, creating favourable conditions for automatic breathing after the baby is born.
2. Natural childbirth, due to the extrusion of the birth canal, the fetus most of the liquid is squeezed out of the Airways, after the birth of gas entering the airway, reducing the airway resistance and made full preparations, also help the fetus remaining lung fluid clears and absorption. While this process can also reduce newborn complications, particularly the incidence of aspiration pneumonia.
3. MOM in the delivery process, the body secretes a entitled "oxytocin" material, it can promote the secretion of milk, can further foster close relationship between mother and son.
4. natural childbirth, maternal vaginal orifice can be expanded heavily, drainage and drainage in favour of postpartum Lochia, postpartum uterus recover from it quicker.
cesarean section is not the best
experts say: caesarean section is a means to solve the complications of childbirth and maternal and child, the proper use to save the mother's life, to ensure safety, but it is not an ideal or perfect mode of delivery.
1. caesarean section, after all, is surgery, Caesarean section under normal circumstances the amount of bleeding is vaginal bleeding of natural childbirth 1 time, and maternal death than normal vaginal delivery.
2. caesarean section is easy to cause wound infection, amniotic fluid embolism, resection of uterine trauma and other conditions.
3. maternal recovery after caesarean section is slow and prone to vaginal pelvic tissue adhesion caused by chronic abdominal pain and other symptoms.
4. caesarean section to scarring of the uterus, childbirth or abortion led to many risks in the future.
5. caesarean newborns, respiratory tract fluids often stranded, vulnerable to suffocation, wet lungs, respiratory complications such as atelectasis.
6. psychologists found that the caesarean section babies at birth, since there is no squeeze through the birth canal, lacked the necessary touch and proprioception, prone to emotional instability, inability to concentrate, coordination and other problems.

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